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Ah, sorry guys, I am having a superbusy time at the moment so updating is once again minimal :(

Anyway, the quick update is this:
The surprise party my siblings and I organised for my mum's birthday went like clockwork! Planning started in August and the party actually happened the 10th of October. It was fab! Mum didn't suspect a thing and was very much surprised. I catered the whole thing (with help from my sister's boyfriend who made the most amazing humus) and worried about the amount of food constantly but it turned out that we had more than enough.

Recently I recorded a song for an animated movie (of which I do not yet know the name but I do know they want to get it nominated for an Academy Award...what... WHAT?!). Still haven't had time to properly sit down and listen to the final mix though O_o

On Tuesday my sister and parents went to visit Florian's mother to talk and have lunch and walk to Florian's grave. We talked endlessly about him and about his final days. It was pretty heartbreaking but also very therapeutic to speak about him. And there is a lot more I should write down about this but I won't. Not right now. Just this: still miss him, every day...


Theatrical news: last Saturday I did the second audition for Aida. It went very well but I have since then heard that, out of the five contestants, I wasn't the one they chose to play Aida. I am more pissed off by that than I thought I would be... Well, I gave it my best shot! Now I have to decide whether or not I want to take a place in the ensemble. At the moment, I am unsure about it. Yes, it is a fantastic show by my favourite composer but there is also a very limited amount of ensemble work so it might turn out to be a big waiting game *shrugs* I have a week to think about it. Any advice is welcome!! :)

And now, time to make dinner!


Easy as life!

Got up really early this morning to get ready for the Aïda auditions with BMT (a local musical theatre group). I managed to get my voice in good shape. My voice tends to be quite rough and hard to control in the morning but a cup of Kusmi's Be Cool tea and a spritz of propolis sirup and it was right as rain.

The audition went quite well, I think. It was still early so there was no delay (it tends to be the waiting that eventually makes me sloppy) and the pianist was very enthusiastic. So much so that I was forced to stray from my own interpretation of the song a little bit. Not too much though.

After my song (the Dutch translation of Easy as Life) the artistic team just kind of stared and did a slightly stunned "oh, well, that's... I think we've got all we need. Do you, by any chance, have any dance experience?" I said "yes" and that was pretty much it!

The reaction after the song was a bit neutral and stunned but I know I sang a good song (had one or two mishaps, got the words muddled at one point and my voice cracked just a teensy bit in the end). I'll hear more within two weeks but the worst is over ;)


Daily thoughts

We are almost at the end of the first week of the second month of the P90X program. I am starting to see and feel a difference in my body and very much prefer this program to those endless repeats of isolated exercises at the gym. It requires quite a time commitment but this may finally be the way to get my asthmatic body moving again.

In line with the P90X program I am trying to eat healthier but sometimes you have to go for extra tasty as well! Normally I stick to wholeweat pasta and cereals (quinoa, spelt etc.) but sometimes I yearn for risotto. As far as I know, there's not such thing as brown risotto rice (but if there is, please let me know!). Anyway, giving in to the craving and because we'd done a very intensive workout, I made one of my favourite risotto recipes, a pumpkin risotto. The recipe is by lushfemke and I think I got it years ago through the Lush-forum!

At work I am getting fed up with some of my colleagues who seem to be just too damn lazy to do their jobs properly. For some time I thought their behaviour was due to lack of knowledge however, these are grown up men* that have had things explained to them for several times. In fact, they are paid more because they are supposed to know these things because they are considered specialists. It's a tedious and tiring process to deal with this because whenever I open my mouth the general assumption is that I am both too young and too short on the job to know what I am talking about. Nine times out of ten I disregard these comments because I find it a waste of time to spend any energy whatsoever on this crap! But sometimes it just makes me want to scream!! ARGH**!

Next Wednesday, September 29th, it is Dress Red Day or Go Red for Women Day (depending on where you live), an initiative to raise awareness for cardiovascular disease among women. In the Netherlands cardiovascular disease is one of the main if not the main cause of death for women. And although I do think that it is important to research cardiovascular disease in both women and men, it is startling to realise that the general idea is that it's only (older) men who suffer from strokes, heart failure and hart attacks. It is important to realise that women can also be diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease and that it may have a great impact on their lives.

I was diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease a couple of years ago. For me being diagnosed with ROW was not unexpected but it was a good thing to finally get the confirmation. It also meant that I could actively monitor the progression of the disease within my body and find ways of dealing with the physical and social effects the disease has on my life. Collapse )

If you want to join in and raise awareness (or educate yourself and make sure you are as healthy as you can be), please check out these sites for more information:
http://www.wehebbenjehartnodig.nl/ (in Dutch!)
And here is an article about the initiative (in Dutch!).

In the near future I should do an icon and style update for this journal. Wonder if I still know how to work the codes O_O

That's all for today!


*I do not mean to generalise here, it's just that the colleagues who mess up are the middle-aged men at my job and not the bright youngsters.
**And that's not mentioning the sexually discriminative comments that are supposed to be "fun". That's a story for another day.
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Warning: discussion of ways my body is evil!

The weekend started out promising enough. On Friday evening I went to a meeting about a new musical theatre plroduction that I would like to audition for. I managed to change my audition slot to a time that suits me (both days were a bit troublesome) so now I can start on studying the material. It's Disney's Aïda (which the producer continued to pronounce 'Aaaajdah') so the first thing to do is to figure out which song to sing (depends on the part I have my eye on).

On Saturday, what should have been a nice relaxing weekend, took a bad turn. I woke up with a migraine for the first time in ages and although I could sort of block the pain with a painkiller, I couldn't block out the dizzyness and coordination problems. Going out for groceries was quite the chore (if only to keep upright) and I felt like I was talking in slowmotion... Not very nice. It also meant that I couldn't properly finish the first three weeks of P90X. On Friday night I missed my workout because of the meeting. On Saturday I missed it because of the migraine. On Sunday I tried my best at the Cardio X workout but the migraine from the previous day meant that any fast movements were more or less a health hazard. Two highkicks and I more or less fell over and managed to land on the couch. Sometimes I hate my body!

Of course the migraine was all due to the start of my period. Man, I thought I was used to it all by now but apparently my body is still trying to get used to the Nuvaring. It works a lot better than any other thing I have used but apparently it's still not perfect. At the moment I have crampscrampcramps for the first time in donkey's years. Am contemplating taking a painkiller but I'd rather do without. Not that the paracetamol is such a big problem but with one thing and another I think I've had enough of that during the weekend and I could do with fewer nosebleeds as well (hormone balance during my period causes more nosebleeds, painkillers make this even worse... *sigh*).

Nice things, yes also, quite a few! I watched the first three-and-a-half episodes of White Collar. Great fun! Am totally intruiged by Neal's awesome clothing (note to self: expand own waistcoat collection). Also tried out a recipe for buttermilk scones. They were lovely and light and I have tossed a couple in the freezer to see how they hold up after being frozen. If my man manages to restrain himself this experiment might actually work *winks*. He's cute, if he asks for scones, it's hard to say no *smiles* (also, I trade for backrubs).

There is also a huge stack of good books waiting for me to read. This weekend I finished Have His Carcase by Dorothy L Sayers. Love that book just for the title but even more because Lord Peter and Harriet Vane make such a fantastic pair of sleuths. It's hard to get these books in the Netherlands though. May have to start a hunt for more of them!
elton and bernie

A day in the life...

Not a lot on offer at the moment. I have been thorougly amused by this picture of Freeman's Watson with added David Burke moustache. Doesn't look too bad. And to be honest, I miss the moustachy-ness in this new series (yes, I appreciate well-groomed facial hair)...

Worth reading: rm posts about telling your stories and writing your words or how you can get what you want in terms of literature, television, art &tc. when your likes, wants and desires aren't considered "mainstream" by the "general audience".

A completely different telly thing. GLEE! is coming to Dutch telly! First episode will air on Tuesday September 14. I am so looking forward to this *squeeee*

In day-to-day life nothing much is happening. I have started my continuing explorations into the world of the Letter of Credit and enlarging my sense of financial awareness. No doubt one fictional character would label this 'dull' and at times I cannot but agree to that. And then I think about the rent and food on the table and it seems sensible to keep at it.

Our home shares the entranceway to our second front door (yes, it's a weird little house) with the store that backs onto our house. They use our entranceway as an emergency exit and, if necessary, to carry through building supplies. The doors are one-way for them and they don't have keys. However, recently the store has been rented out to a new business and they are rebuilding so the entranceway is used to get the building supplies into the back rooms of the store. Yesterday they apparently spilled something and decided to mop it up with some disgustingly smelly and oily cleaning product! Now the entrance is slippery and our whole house stinks. I am not quite sure about the protocol here. Of course I am glad that they cleaned up (well...) the mess but I am less glad about the chemical stink and the now slippery floor. What do I do? Ask them to clean things again or just hope this is a one time occurance and bring out my own ecofriendly (and nicely scented) cleaning supplies? Any readers out there who want to share their thoughts on this matter?!
Sometimes human interaction can be so confusing...

X, Nine

Books! Books! Books!

On Tuesday I had a day off and completely forgot to update. Good start ;) I may be back but it's taking me some time to get used to write frequently again!

The stores already sport copious amounts of Christmas decorations and sweets for Sinterklaas. I know these things get ordered months in advance (fake Christmas trees get ordered as early as January... Yes. Really!) but why do they have to be in the stores so long in advance? On the other hand, it's a good reminder to start planning out Christmas dinner! Any ideas?

I preordered I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett from Bol.com but apparently they cannot deal with preorders. Order information on the website has been stuck on 'delivery in 3-4 days' for over a week and as far as I know the book has been released. I might cancel the order and get it from my local bookstore this weekend! Second time they mess it up with a preorder. Not a good sign Bol.com!

Speaking of books, I am reading Kitchen, the new book by Nigella Lawson and am getting so many new ideas from it! Her books always inspire me to spend more time in the kitchen and try more new recipes. Apparently there's going to be a series on the telly as well (BBC) but I have no idea when this will start. Anyone out there who knows?

I am also waiting for an order from Amazon.co.uk. I ordered both Sherlock and Going Postal and am looking forward to watching both again (obviously). Apparently there is an unaired pilot episode on the Sherlock DVD box so I cannot wait to get it!! Are there people mad enough to join me in a marathon? Fancy dress, tophats (Brett!Holmes, gotta love him), skulls and tea are optional! I do draw the line at shooting at the walls though!

Time now to finish up at work and go home. Weekend! Have a good one all of you!

happy alfred

And again!

For a couple of weeks I have been trying to get this journal back on track. Ideas of a new lay-out and reworking all the tags have been running through my head but yesterday it dawned on me. I can have all these ambitious ideas on what the journal should look like but it's the content that actually makes it a, well, a journal.

So I think I should just start writing and worry about the looks of the thing later!

The weekend was not too busy. We had the kind of weather that makes one lethargic rather than active. Rain, sleet, more rain and the occasional thunder storm. Not too bad because I still have a stack of half-read books to go through (still haven't finished Peter Pan). Then again... It's August! BLOODY AUGUST. What happened to the sun?!

We watched Sherlock 1x03, The Great Game and after the third viewing I still find Moriarty's accent/voice incredibly annoying. Once again the ending had me shouting at the screen. Ineffective, but slightly satisfying nonetheless. For the moment. (And then I went on a fanfic search and found this: Drowning Man and it's sequel Harbor by irisbleufic and that made it better *smiles*).
...Is it autumn 2011 yet?

On Sunday I tortured myself with the start of our second week of the P90X program. I know the saying that goes with it is "I hate it but I love it" but I am afraid I cannot yet say the latter without making it a horrible little lie. It's painful and I hate it but my asthmatic lungs will thank me in the long run!

More later!


This journal is not inactive! Don't touch it eljay!

If you haven't logged in for a long time, check out this post by copperbadge. Livejournal will be doing a username delete-purge in August. Sam has more information and so does this post on dreamwidth.

Livejournal has of course drafted a definition of the phrase 'inactive journal', but we all know how they work in regards to their definitions and terms of service. Please read the two mentioned posts and pass this on to anyone who hasn't been 'active' on Livejournal for a while or who has been mostly commenting, rather than posting!

And now I am going to bed. Goodnight and sweet dreams!
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